Appearance/Reconditioning/Paint Finishing

  • Acry-Solv

    Fast strong pre-sanding solvent with “Anti-Stat” additive to reduce chance of static spark. Aerosol gives 100% delivery to surface and prevents reapplication of contaminants that can occur with wipers. Leaves surface clean and dry with no oily film. Safe...

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  • Action Foam

    Action Foam

    Heavy duty spot and carpet cleaner. Concentrated butyl cleaner designed to clean hard to remove grease and soil unaffected by other cleaners. Convenient aerosol sprays “clinging” foam for long-lasting contact to soiled surface. Dissolves wax, oil, ink,...

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  • Buffing Pads

    Buffing Pads

    Wool Compounding Pad (QWC2) is 100% 4 ply twisted wool, 7 ½” diameter, 1 ½” pile height with centering ring to eliminate wobble. Yellow Foam Compounding Pad (QFC2) and Black Foam Polishing Pad (QFP2) feature hexagon embossed pattern on pad face for...

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  • Car Wash Soap

    Car Wash Soap

    High suds concentrate. 80/1 mix. Hard on dirt. Kind to hands. Will not streak, leave a film or remove existing wax. Rinses easily. Biodegradable. Available in one, five and 55 gallon bottles.

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  • Glass Cleaner

    Glass Cleaner

    Economical 40 to 1 mix concentrate. Easy cleaning. No streaks. No swirls. Leaves new car fragrance. Non-Ammonia. Biodegradable. Available in one gallon bottle.

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  • Hard Surface Cleaner

    Hard Surface Cleaner

    A concentrated cleaner for automotive and marine use. 3:1 mix with water. Cleans tires, door jambs, floor mats, fiberglass, etc. Excellent for shop/garage floors and driveways. Biodegradable. Available in one, five and 55 gallon bottles.

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  • Job-O


    Fast, convenient and economical aerosol cleaner works on just about everything! Multipurpose cleaner for auto, marine, camper, RV, aviation, home, industrial, agriculture, police, fire, schools and municipalities. Use to clean and detail car interiors,...

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  • Non-Ammonia Glass Cleaner

    Non-Ammonia Glass Cleaner

    Long-lasting, clinging foam for fast-cleaning action. Wipes off easily with no haze, streaks or residue. Safe on mirrors. Recommended for auto glass installation – leaves no ammonia residue. AGK – 19 oz. Aerosol AGN – 23 oz. Aerosol

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  • Rubber-Pro

    Long lasting protection for rubber, vinyl and plastic. Removes wax residue from moldings and plastic trim. Repels dust, UV Ray protectant Body shop safe, will not harm paint 9 oz.Aerosol

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  • Slixter Qwick Shine

    Slixter Qwick Shine

    Fast and easy to apply by hand or spray-on with a trigger sprayer! Wipes off easily and leaves no residue. Body shop safe and may be used on a fresh paint for a brilliant shine. 1 quart.

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  • Sudden Impact Odor Eliminator

    Sudden Impact Odor Eliminator

    Environmental odor-control aerosol. Eliminates odors in the air and those trapped in textiles. Neutralizes odors at their source when sprayed on carpeting, upholstery, draperies, fabric and clothing. Deodorizes from ceiling to floor when used as an...

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  • Super-Solv (Solvent Cleaner) - Quart

    Super-Solv (Solvent Cleaner) - Quart

    Extra strength solvent cleaner. Removes most difficult surface contaminants including adhesives, silicone, undercoating, overspray, wax, oil, grease, and mold release agents. Recommended pre-cleaner for Formula 21 and bumper repair. With “Anti-Stat”...

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