Aerosol Paints

  • J2 Acrylic Enamels

    J2 Acrylic Enamels

    This line of enamels offer excellent colour retention, durability and protection. All colours are lead free and contain a high amount of solids to assure maximum coverage on various surfaces and have heat resistance of up to 176 C (350 F). All colours...

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  • J2 Alkyd Enamels

    J2 Alkyd Enamels

    An alkyd based paint whose vehicle is comprised of sort-oil Block polymers. The bright, lead-free colors are fade resistant and have heat resistance of up to 176 C (350 F). This air-dry thermosetting enamel can be used for a wide range of applications on...

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  • J2 Metallic Paint

    J2 Metallic Paint

    Extra brilliant metallic powders dispersed in a tough, flexible acrylic film exhibit a clean, bright frosty character, similar to that of fresh metal. For decorative finishes on metal, wood and fibreglass in interior or exterior applications. Click for...

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  • J2 Primers

    J2 Primers

    J2's quality primers provide a uniform base for enamel or lacquer finishes, effectively sealing out moisture. These primers offer superior bonding and dry to the touch within minutes. Use      our sandable primers to build up repaired...

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  • J2 Stencil Ink

    J2 Stencil Ink

    An ultra-opaque, fast-drying stencil ink for marking steel,    cartons, boxes and drums. Sprays a sharp, clean edge without smearing, smudging or ripping. The handiest way to applyshipping information, product coding, assembly and maintenance...

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  • Mack And Volvo Special Colour

    Mack And Volvo Special Colour

    These paints are specially formulated to match original Mack and Volvo engines and other part colours. They were also formally made-to-order colours, but due to their popularity have been made as an off-the-shelf product. Larger volume runs have enabled...

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